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Does integration improve quality of care (QoC) of FP and PNC services in Kenya and Swaziland?

Summary: Integration does not seem to have a negative effect on quality of care. Data from Kenya and Swaziland between 2009 and 2012 show that integrating HIV services into family planning and postnatal care (PNC) services did not decrease service quality.

Detail: Integra in Kenya and Swaziland found that in the HIV/Family Planning model, technical quality of client provider consultation sessions was positively associated with level of integration. In the HIV/Postnatal care model, level of integration shows either little positive effect (Kenya) or significant positive effect (Swaziland) on quality of care.

Integra found that three key interventions can integrate and substantially improve quality of postnatal care, leading to increased access to HIV testing for postpartum women and increased access to longer acting FP methods in Kenya and Swaziland.

The research findings countered arguments that integrating services could reduce quality of care due to overburdened and non-specialist service providers. The Integra Initiative provides sufficient evidence to support integration of HIV counselling and testing into mainstream family planning and maternal health services.

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