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Iran – Factfile


Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Western Asia. The name “Iran“, which in Persian means “Land of the Aryans“, has been in native use since the Sassanian era. It came into use internationally in 1935, before which the country was known to the Western world as Persia.  Both “Persia” and “Iran” are often used interchangeably in cultural contexts; however, “Iran” is the name used officially in political contexts.

Estimated adult (aged 15-49) HIV prevalence, (%) in 2009 was 0.2 and the estimated number of people (all ages) living with HIV, was estimated to be estimate 92000.

Momentum for Integration Project

This project is co-ordinated by Family Planning Association of Iran (FPAI) and South Asia Regional Office (SARO) – International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Key Achievements

  • Family Planning Association of Iran initiated the project activities with the workshop on SRH HIV Integration within the staff members of FPAIRI and the facilitators of Mikhak, Drop in Centers (DIC). The main objective of the workshop was to understand integration, differentiate “Integration” and “Linkages” as well as introduce the importance, approaches and challenges within the SRHHIV integration framework.
  • FPA Iran formed the Country Team with 10 members to advocate on the agenda of integration within different stakeholders in Iran. A series of Advocacy Meetings were conducted with the Head of Ministry of Health (MOH), AIDS office, Head of HIV/AIDS Research centre, Head of UNAIDS country delegation in Iran. Each of the meetings was focused on the agenda of Integration and discusses on the various strategies to involve NGOs and Government departments to ensure policy linkage and integrated services with support of Country Team.
  • Three consultants were hired as part of Technical Hub who have undergone regional capacity building training on integration, gender mainstreaming, proposal writing and finance management focusing on the Global Fund.
  • The initial resistance of Ministry of Health (MoH) towards integration has been overcome and they are taking an active role in developing the national guidelines on integrated service delivery.
  • In Iran most of the SRH services are provided by the Government and the NGOs play a secondary role. However FPA Iran has taken a crucial role in developing capacities of CSOs and therefore influencing them to incorporate SRH services within their HIV package.
  • Comprehensive SRH and HIV services are provided at  Mikhak and Ghasedak DIC, particularly to the marginalized groups and sex workers.

Key Publications and Resources

Rapid assessment of sexual and reproductive health and HIV linkages: Iran
Year 2013| Authors: IPPF, UNAIDS, WHO, UNFPA
This summary highlights the experiences, results and actions from the implementation of the Rapid Assessment Tool for Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Linkages in Iran.
(Expected to be published in 2013)


Dr. Ramin Etesami
Project Coordinator
Family Health Association of Iran (FHAI)

Susmita Choudhury
Project Coordinator SRH HIV Integration

Kerman, South Iran

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