Swazi clients prefer integrated SRH and HIV services

A client and provider satisfaction survey finds that the vast majority of clients preferred a ‘one-stop shop’ model of integration.

SRHR HIV Services SwazilandSince 2011, Swaziland has been part of the SRHR and HIV Linkages project to strengthen the linkages between sexual reproductive health rights and HIV services. The Linkages project was implemented in Swaziland and 6 other countries in Southern Africa, where its key aims are to integrate SRHR and HIV linkages in national health and development plans and budgets, improve uptake and delivery of integrated quality services for HIV and SRHR, and to disseminate best practice models to support scaling up of HIV and SRHR linkages in other countries.

Swaziland conducted a Client and Provider Satisfaction Survey in 2013 and provided the project with valuable feedback on the quality of care received by clients. Findings from the study revealed that the vast majority of clients preferred a ‘one-stop shop’ model of integration, in which sexual reproductive health and HIV services are received at the same time, by the same provider, in the same facility.

Clients reported that the ‘one-stop shop’ integration model had several benefits, including reduced number of trips to health facilities, increased service efficiency, and reduced overall expenditure on health services.

The survey also revealed that while providers believed the integrated model was beneficial for the client, longer queues, staff shortages, and an increased workload made staff less effective. These findings emphasize the need to address staffing levels, staff incentives, and supplies in the healthcare centres at the same time.

The results of the satisfaction study have been instrumental in informing infrastructure development and training of health workers. With support from the project, Swaziland has made significant progress in developing promising models of integrated service delivery and reaching communities with critical SRH and HIV services.

The full results of the client satisfaction survey can be found here. Resources and updates on the project in Swaziland and the other implementing countries are available from the free Research Library of the Integration Initiative website.