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Integra Project / Swaziland


Exploring risk of experiencing intimate partner violence after HIV infection: a qualitative study among women with HIV attending postnatal services in Swaziland

[BMJ Open]

2015. Colombini M, Howard N., J Kikuvi, Mayhew S, Mulrenan C.


How does HIV/SRH service integration impact workload?  A descriptive analysis from the Integra Initiative in two African settings

[Human Resources for Health 12:42. doi:10.1186/1478-4491-12-42. 2014]

Sweeney S, Obure C.D., Terris-Prestholt F., Darsamo V., Michaels-Igbokwe C., Muketo E., Nhlabatsi Z., the Integra Research Team, Mayhew S, Warren C, Watts C, Vassall A.


Intervention Report: Assessing the Benefits of Integrated HIV & SRH Services in Public Health Facilities in Kenya & Swaziland

Assessing the benefits of integrated HIV and SRH services in public health facilities in Kenya and Swaziland

Charlotte Warren, Charity Ndwiga, Timothy Abuya, Jacqueline Kivunaga, Joshua Kikuvi and Lawrence Oteba. 2012.


Community Survey Data from Kenya and Swaziland

Community context Kenya and Swaziland: trends in unmet needs, service use, demand/receipt of integrated services. London dissemination meeting. July 2013

Joelle Mak, Natalie Friend du-Preez, Kathryn Church, Isolde Birdthistle, Jackie Kivunaga, Joshua Kikuvi, Susannah Mayhew, for the INTEGRA Research Team


Integrated postnatal care in Kenya and Swaziland: effect on quality of care and health outcomes

Houses of Parliament. London, 20th March 2013

Ian Askew, Charlotte Warren, Timothy Abuya, James Kimani, Charity Ndwiga, Jackie Kivunaga,
Brian Mdawida, Susannah Mayhew, for the INTEGRA Research Team


Are integrated HIV services less stigmatizing than stand-alone models of care? A comparative case study from Swaziland

This study investigated the relationship between integrated care and felt stigma. The study design was a comparative case study of ...
[J Int AIDS Soc,16(17981)]

Church, K., Wringe, A., Fakudze, P., Kikuvi, J., Simelane, D., Mayhew, S.H.


Integration of HIV and maternal health care in a high HIV-prevalence setting: Analysis of client flow data over time in Swaziland

Maternal and child health (MCH) care may provide an entry point for HIV services in high HIV prevalence settings. The ...
[BMJ Open]

Birdthistle, Isolde J., Susannah Mayhew, Joshua Kikuvi, Weiwei Zhou, Kathryn Church, et al.


Family planning practices and pregnancy intentions among HIV-positive and HIV-negative postpartum women in Swaziland

This study describes family planning (FP) practices and fertility desires of HIV-positive and HIV-negative postpartum women in Swaziland.
[BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2013 (150)]

Warren, C.E., Abuya, T., Askew, I., Integra Initiative


Provider perspectives on integrated SRH services into ART clinics in Swaziland

Do integrated services perform better than stand-alone sites in promoting FP among people living with HIV?
[International FP Conference, Dakar 2011]

Church, K; Fakudze, P; Kikuvi, J; Sikhosana, N; Simelane, D; Wringe, A; Mayhew, S; INTEGRA research team


Experiences of HIV clients receiving integrated services in Swaziland


Do integrated services perform better than specialist sites at meeting the SRH needs of people living with HIV? Experiences of ...

Church K,1 Fakudze P, Masuku S, Mayhew S, for the Integra research team


Research overview in Swaziland

Overview of Research Components in Swaziland, 2011

Charlotte Warren, Anna Vassall, Susannah Mayhew on behalf of the Integra Research Team


Optimising the cost and delivery of HIV counselling and testing services in Kenya and Swaziland

The relative costs of provider-initiated testing and counselling (PITC) services compared with voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services in Kenya ...
[Sex Transm Infect, 88, 498-503]

Obure, C.D., Vassall, A., Michaels, C., Terris-Prestholt, F., Mayhew, S.H., Stackpool-Moore, L., et al.